Our solution combines several global physical warehouses with a single cloud software platform (Cross Border E-commerce Logistics platform) to help global seller to manage their cross-border logistics.  By using our solution, cross-border sellers can achieve multiple benefits:


The major services offered by our solution are:

  1. Fulfillment:


Basic workflow:

  1. Cross-border merchants send products in bulk to our warehouses in advance
  2. Merchants start selling on online stores.
  3. Consumers buy merchandise on online stores.
  4. Our platform automatically fetches the order and shipping information from online stores.
  1. The order model calculates the fees and updates the inventory.
  2. A shipping waybill will be printed and then the shipment is packed in cross-border warehouse.
  3. Shipment is fulfilled by local shipping carriers.
  4. The inventory and order information is updated to merchant and online stores

2. Amazon FBA Forwarding:


  • Multiple warehouses to help sellers to save shipping cost from warehouse to Amazon FBA.
  • Partner with local Customs brokers and freight companies to provide excellent service for importing and forwarding.

3.Reverse Logistics:

  • Amazon returns processing: label replace, return to seller, liquidation processing.
  • Customer service outsource for cross-border sellers: RMA, return and replacement, hotline, etc.
  • Product repair and refurbishment.