TLZ Cross-border E-commerce Logistic Platform (CVELP) is the most important solution provided by TLZ Technology Service Co.,Ltd.. TLZdedicates at offering best solutions to address cross-border logistics problems for cross-border e-commerce merchants. Our platform simplifies and secures the whole process of cross-border e-commerce logistics , which includes warehouse management, order management and shipping management.

We’ve already offered an amount of Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers with safe and reliable service . We’ve established a complete and standardized warehouse in California, US, and the independent US branch company has been established and operated. The warehouses in Australia and Europe will be launched soon. We are on the way of establishing a globalized service system..

In a time of globalization, there is a broader future for cross-border e-commerce traders, let’s work togetherto take our business to a much higher level..

The following are our services

Whole Process Real-Time Tracking
All information of each product from registration, stocking, shipping to return are traceable on our 24X7 online system. All costs or fees can be evaluated and counted automatically.
Easy Operation
We work hard to simplify every step of the process, for example, SKU and orders can be transformed to our system as a batch, and your eBay orders can be captured automatically.
Flexible local logistics
Orders will be delivered by local logistics carries with a lead time of 2/5/7 days. Multiple logistics options are available to meet different demands, for example, customers may select cheapest or fastest shipping method. All orders are able to be tracked through waybill number.
Real-time Monitoring 
All inventories and shipments can be monitored online.
Further Reduction of Costs
We offer the best price performance ratio in the market.Better Consumers experiences
By offering local reliable logistics in US and our best service, we guarantee you a satisfied experience. Actually, we’ve been maintained a very high customer stratification rate fromthe start.
Are you still worried that there is no extra money for more stock? Do not worry, we canoffer you a fast loan according to the evaluation of your goods in our warehouse.